The Way

The way is barred
The gate is closed
The fields and fruits

You lift
The lock
Heavy in your hands
Whose fingers could turn and twist this?

The chains
Crossed over
Back and forth then back again
Enough to hold a ship
Whose arms could lift them?

The door
Shut tight
On hinges
Not meant to swing open
Whose shoulder could pry or bend it?

You stand
Head hung
This test beyond you
No cracks, no holes
To see what’s beyond you

Is the promise withheld?
The journey ended?
Why, when you have heard
The singing
In your dreams
Every now and then

Beyond gates and chains
Lie you dreams
Beyond gates and chains
New seeds of life float
On warm currents of words
Of Love
You need only reach out to touch
To hold and in your hand
The seed will grow

Beyond gates and chains
Lie your dreams
Beyond gates and chains
New streams of life
Wander down hill sides
As if going in and out of pews
Bending your knee to sip
It is a thirst you have not know before
The taste is your life
You need only kneel
And drink deeply
For the water in you to flow


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