Water I Have Not Learned to Drink

Divine Light
Is always radiating
Thru human form

What the World gives me
Is what God gives me

If only I will be with it
Sit with it
Breathe with it
Not run from it

Constantly moving
Hunting, not finding
Not satisfied, nor fed
Surrounded by water
I have not learned to drink

I drift
To the bottom
Of this sea

Perhaps at the bottom
I will lie
In warm sand
Or stand under oceans
As light as soft rains

When will I release
Let go

My way, my way, my way, my way…
Help me!
I can not stop
Endless changes in direction and motion

When will I release
Let go

What arms are waiting for me?


3 responses to “Water I Have Not Learned to Drink

  1. BRINGS THIS SONG TO MIND :http://youtu.be/p5h-EHrf_-Y

    water all around me i never ever learned to swim to out

    if being strong’s a crime then i’m serving forever
    if being wrong’s unkind then i need help with this feather
    being afraid is a crime we hang side by side
    at the swinging party down the line

  2. Inside me I sense the yearning for deep acceptance and surrender – a complete surrender – and the freedom and life that I sense is on the other side. Thank you for this poem.

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