1 – The Crows

The Crows
Still call you awake
But further off today
Not so intensely nagging
In your ear
You can listen peacefully to them
As if the trouble was no longer in your house
But safely down the street


You lay there listening
For the first time
In a long time
Something touches your skin
Lightly, new tender coolness
Fresh against you
Can you let this, allow this
This Autumn to be
To become
Your next Lover?



6 responses to “1 – The Crows

  1. My New Lover

    On the cusp of dewy darkness settling in
    I stroll alone
    Seeking out a rendezvous with my new lover

    Ominous clouds overhead conjure up emphatic winds
    Crisp..washing over me
    How sweet, the scents of Summer’s End
    And the approaching Autumn

    Face drawn toward the heavens
    Inhale, exhale, deeply…and again, with eyes UN-open
    Ahh..fallen leaves… grasses…wood smoke
    Unspoken gratitude

    And Hark the Orchestral sounds…
    A virtual Symphony emanating from the reeds
    A Serenade just for me… never to be forgotten

    My first gift
    From my new Lover

  2. Lovely, lovely poem but are you sure the photograph is of crows? If it’s a crow in a crowd, it tends to be a rook!

    ‘To those of us who really know
    a single rook’s a certain crow;
    while rows of crows,
    despite their looks,
    are rooks!’

    Just sayin’

    • Ah, you’ve got me on that one, Carol. Thanks so much for visiting and commenting – loved your additions here. Please come back and spread it around… that the poems lovely and I don’t know a Robin from a Parrot!

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