Calling All Readers!!!

Would you do a project with me?
Have some fun, do something seasonal, accomplish something together with only a little effort?
And help me out… I can sure use it

Here’s the basic idea:
I want to do something this month I’ve thought about for years
I don’t know about you, but for me September is not only a month, but a season, a passage.
I start this one again with a guided meditation retreat and end it with a memorial service to my father, my first teacher, dead now 20 years.

Do you feel September too?
Feel it enter you with that same but sure realization as when you walk in a dew covered field…
Notice the grass wet and covered
Your shoes shiny with the drops and moisture and wonder, ‘how long?’
Sense they are no longer shedding and think, ‘yes…”
Wetness throughout, socks wet, too late
Then acceptance, walking on, undistracted

Would you walk with me?
Here’s what happens:
September has 30 days
I write 3o poems
One per day

Next we add talent!
We start with Monica Rodgers adding in photography.

Then we add You!
You are invited each daily poetry post to do some or all of the following right along with us:
* Read
* Comment
* Edit
* Critique
* Pass along to friends and family for their comments
* Add your own thoughts that get stirred
* Add more to the poem or add more Poetry
* Send your Photos or other art

At the end… we  make it a Collection, actually we make it all into a book.
It’s called something like “September’s Impermanences”

What do you think???

Don’t delay, write me today!
Let me know what you think of the idea…


16 responses to “Calling All Readers!!!

  1. Dear Jim, Mark Mariner shared your link with me today. It is serendipitous since, you see, today is my birthday and for me too September marks another cycle, another invitation to reflect, grow, celebrate. Today I was shocked to notice that, when my mother called, I thanked her. Not for her wishes, but for making me come alive. I never did it before. Isn’t it crazy? As I shared my gratitude with her, she started laughing. It is not only my birthday. The mother in her had been born too. As I enjoyed my lunch I thought of her, together with my dad, and what that day must have felt to them. September is a glorious month.

  2. September 2 is even a greater day for me than yesterday (my birthday) because today, 4 years ago, my daughter Eva was born. I have received it as a birthday present for myself four years ago and continue to cherish it every year. In life I have found out that few things are so awe-inspiring as witnessing growth: in oneself, in others, in nature, and especially in children.

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